Monday, February 8, 2016

THERE... ALL BETTER NOW. Housing the Homeless.

 Previously unpublished notes from 12/2007 - Published 2016

I haven't said anything about the homeless as I can't compete with with the surreal reality of local T.V. News - everything is going to be okay for the homeless after tomorrow.

They are going to hotel rooms - for how long?

They will be going to shelters and missions? Many people can't take another nigh at the homeless shelters, that is why living in a tent in the center of the city was better than those alternatives that were there all the time.

Without psychiatric beds, where do you think the mentally ill, the drug addicted, the chronic alcoholics, the broken of our society are going?

Yeah, everybody is feeling all touchy feel-y good about the homeless.

I am stocking up on hand warmers. Cause not that everyone believes the Christmas fairy tale that the homeless have all been helped, they are still out there.

And I will still be helping them.

I'm sure brand New Orleans will have the homeless cleared away in time for the Sugar Bowl.

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