Monday, February 8, 2016

The Ideological Privatization and Ethnic 'Purification' of New Orleans

 Previously Unpublished Notes From 12/2007

Many of us were first introduced to the suffering of the people who are now being affected by the Bush Administrations ideological "privatization and ethnic purification" of New Orleans as we watched residents suffer on roof tops for days without food and water, begging to be rescued.

When "We the People," saw how our government treated those who were caught up in the flooding due to the levee failures, we literally got up off our couches and came down, (and continue to come down in the thousands), to New Orleans to help, with great compassion.

What the nation has not witnessed since the levy failure flooding post- Katrina, is how two years later 'certain' areas of the city have been left to "rot", where in most cases the people who live there have and continue to live in poverty - i.e. the working poor and the poor, whose population is primarily "African American."

Do my statements sound dramatic? Too 'liberal'? What I am witnessing has nothing to do with politics or drama. It has to do with 'human dignity" and the the rights promised to all of us as "We the People" regardless of our race, creed, or wealth distribution.

I continue to be "shocked" (yes shocked, as I have not yet been de-sensitized to ideological and racist cruelty which flourishes around me), as I photograph the neighborhoods where the inhabitants have all but been left to "fend for their own", their schools left boarded up, few stores opened, no local hardware stores to help rebuild, no local medical, as Charity Hospital has been closed.

At the same time in this city lovely blue flags announcing the "Louisiana Rebirth" fly from picturesque Victorian shotguns in the Garden District as inordinate amounts* of Latino and Hispanic workers, very few who speak English, and very, very, few Black New Orleanian's, make repairs, renovate, landscape and beautify the homes of the middle class and the wealthier inhabitants of the city New Orleans.

*(There seems to be an inordinate amount of Latino/Hispanic workers in the city after the levy failure flooding - this city for all intents and purposes, has a majority African American - Black population. Yet in my daily travels through the streets, especially 'Uptown' and the 'Garden District" the workers/crews I see painting, sanding, remolding homes, landscaping, etc., are 90% Latino/Hispanic, often with a "Caucasian" crew boss or contractor on site.)

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