Monday, February 8, 2016


 Unpublished Notes from 2007

I have been witnessing the craziest thing lately...

It seems that there are people associated with non-profits, .orgs, and other helping agencies who seem to react to my work, to my presence with a "cliquishness" for lack of a better word. It feels as if there is some sort of consciousness of ownership, and even the thought that this is what I am perceiving is very bizarre.

Has anyone else who has been a volunteer worker ever encounter this phenomenon? I would assume Rainbow Family members might have experienced this in the past, before their remarkable service work after the levee failure flooding post-Katrina. (They are my inspiration, I heard about what many family members did last year at a regional gathering - from that moment on I was inspired by the possibility that I too could just be "me" and come and help.)

I had thought, until recently that we were all one big helping community, that we were here to "help" and "serve" the needs of the people of New Orleans. I naively thought that those who were involved with "helping" were not supposed to be competitive, political, and/or ego driven.

I am surprised to become aware of the fact that there seems to be a "clique" of organizations. How do I know? Many have decided to ignore me or oddly yet, 'compete' with my presence.

If I may, there is nothing to "compete" with. My work is to serve anyone in need, usually those who are homeless or those who do not know how to access the available help. I ask for nothing in return. I work alone and have no funding, therefore I am no threat to any 'organization'. I am here to serve the people of New Orleans through my work on this blog and my work in the streets. I didn't realize until recently that there seems to be a secret committee who decides who is "in" and who is "out" when it comes to helping.

I once learned that the word compassion comes from the Latin "compassio" and it means to "suffer with".

Aren't we all in this "together"? Isn't the reason many of us are even in New Orleans volunteering is to "be with" those who are suffering and in need?


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