Monday, February 8, 2016

New Orleans Post-Katrina - Recovery is Relative

 Previously unpublished notes from 2007 released in 2016

A man rolls up on his bike as I am photographing the close school at Urquhart and Clouet in the upper 9th Ward. I can tell he is not sure whether or how to approach me until I smile and say hello.

His face lights up and he greets me in return.

He asks if the house I am photographing is mine - well aware of his every neighbor, every owner, in this four block radius around the school.

"No," I tell him, "I write a blog and show photo's of the ongoing suffering two years after the levy failure flooding in NOLA."

He, says to me, with apparent joy in his eyes, "were doin better here then they are in the Lower 9th Ward, people are comin back."

AS I drive away the door to his home is open and I look in, he is living in the shell of his home. The people of New Orleans once again teach me the true meaning of humility.



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