Monday, February 8, 2016


 Previously Unpublished Notes - 2007

To my dear readers:

I should be hooked up to the Internet by the end of next week - @ October 19th 2007.

I have continued on with some of my volunteer commitments, ended others, and have been resting. I have also begun photographing in the last week and look forward to sharing some beautiful, some profound, and many touching images of New Orleans and the people who are rebuilding their lives, many amongst intense challenges.

My heart and the creative aspects of my self have missed blogging and I know that every moment of resting, recovering and waiting, until the right moment, to begin again, will give me the energy, clarity, and wherewithal I need to be able to share with you my perceptions of what I see happening in New Orleans and the rebuilding processes I encounter.

Thank you for your readership and well wishes.


Your Planetary Sister.

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