Monday, February 8, 2016

Jonathon Lockett School

 Previously unpublished notes from 2007

They want to demolish Jonathon Lockett School.

People are rebuilding their homes around the school.

The school is an historic site. Only African American school children in the 9th Ward could go to from 1929 due to integration laws.

The argument against demolishing this school - children will come to Jonathon Lockett School - Habitat for Humanity is building homes around it.

Other Related Notes - Promise of Vouchers

Milton Freeman. The Promise of Vouchers. Wall Street Journal 12-05-05

Big Easy Money: Disaster Profiteering on the American Gulf Coast. 9/06

Jeff Duncan "The Unkindest Cut" Times-Picayune 3/28/06

A Mogul Who Would Rebuild NOLA, Gary Rivela, NY TIMES 9/29/05

"His determination to exploit the crisis in New Orleans to advance a fundamentalist version of capitalism" - on Milton Freeman

For more than 3 decades,  Freeman was waiting - selling off perceives of the state to private whilst citizens were still reeling. pg 6

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