Monday, February 8, 2016

AND THE UNIVERSE LAUGHED... Notes from New Orleans

Previously Unpublished Notes -  October 2007


I guess the universe has decided I am to rest a few weeks longer.

Last Friday I was able to finally place my order for Internet access. Hurrah! Friday night I turned on my laptop and my laptop would not turn on.

On Saturday I took my laptop which is only 4 months old to Circuit City the Toshiba authorized dealer and was told it would be 2 - 4 weeks until it was returned to me. I cancelled the Internet access on Monday....

I make plans....

I have been spending this time, resting, eating really well - my own version of macrobiotic cooking, purifying my body, mind, and spirit and watching a lot of movies.

I haven't been to the movies for years and got myself a Blockbuster movie pass for the month - $30 and I can watch all the movies I want, and I have. I have deeply immersed myself in the alternate realities of films for diversion and I continue to strive to empty my mind and be in the moment. It is working. Just this morning as I was coming into an awakening state I could feel my mind processing thoughts concerning stories waiting to be written and photo's I have wanted to share, without my consciously doing so - they are waiting to be told. Not yet... the universe answers in my waking moments.

I am grateful that I have been sent some wonderful feral kittens (and some older cats) who come and visit me nightly for treats. Three of whom now eat out of my hand and allow me to touch them! They have been spayed and neutered by a neighbor Michelle and another neighbor who pays for the neutering and then they are re-released. My sweet neighbor Mary feeds the neighborhood cats. I am hoping by taming the feral kittens that perhaps someday they could be adopted. Now that they know that humans can be loving and kind, perhaps they will find themselves homes.

That is all for now.

How I miss writing.

But if I am going to serve, then I must remember the rules, and one of them is that I am the vessel and as the vessel, I must wait for the will of the universe. Thy will not mine...

In Peace.

Your Planetary Sister

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