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Note:This article is published on Sunday December 9th 2007, but to keep the posts in chronological reading order I have posted under the original story.

State delays Duncan Plaza closure

Local officials get more time to house homeless
Saturday, December 08, 2007

By Frank Donze
Frank Donze
Times-Picayune or (504) 826-3328.

In the body of this article "State delays Duncan Plaza closure" is the real story is found in three statements:

Your Planetary Sister would like to 'speak' for the State in this satirical treatise. The State will be speaking in the color of burnt umbrage
, whilst your Planetary Sister will be speaking in the color of 'purple passion' in honour of Christians celebrating the Season of Advent.

I guess you could say this is a sort of Christmas play in 3 acts, brought to you by your Planetary Sister.

Thank you for reading. I hope you don't enjoy the show.

"The state has agreed to adjust its plan to close off Duncan Plaza near City Hall until Dec. 21,"

First off the State of Louisiana would like to shoutout a holiday, "ho ho ho, and a Merry Christmas to the homeless."

And now... this brief interruption from your Planetary Sister::
"Here's something to contemplate: How many state workers are working during the holiday's? Why couldn't the state agree to a compassionate time limit of at least until January 1, 2008? Especially as a contract has not even been awarded for the demolition which is slated to begin in March? (See following statements and story from the Times-Picayune)

"State officials said the fence is needed to secure the heavy equipment that will be moved onto the construction site and to prevent entry into the shuttered nine-story State Office."

So the security of "heavy equipment" trumps the security of the homeless and most fragile amongst us.

"On behalf of the State of Louisiana, we would like to shoutout another, "ho ho ho, and a Merry Christmas to the homeless."

"A place is needed to store heavy equipment (which is already being safely secured and stored somewhere else right now) so that we may erect a fence around the area where you are staying, to protect these vehicles and the adjacent empty building - from you, the homeless and the likes of you and anyone else who might want to come or even return to New Orleans and live like you."

"And to prove that we the State, are not afraid to show the nation and nay, the world, our blatant contempt for the least amongst us, it is the State's decree to increase the burdens and sufferings of said despised homeless peoples by fencing 'them' out of their temporary shelters, after a major disaster AND as a special holiday treat, we are going to throw in the demolition of 4600 government housing units - many of which could have been rehabbed and renovated by now for you, the homeless to stay in!"

"But wait!!!" "There's more!"

"The State, in the spirit of great holiday bonhomie and in order to keep the public order (and appease our wealthy base and tourism industry) and to keep the homeless out of our sights, as well as teach the public the correct political and social behaviour's in regards to relating to the homeless with contempt, has one more special holiday message for the homeless:

STATEMENT 3 - ACT 3 - Finale:
"Work under the $2.8 million demolition contract, which also has yet to be awarded, is slated to commence in March . "

Unity for the Homeless has every right to be happy. This organization of dedicated workers struggle under enormous workloads, dealing with people who are dealing with extreme situations of poverty and stress, without the necessary funding to help the poorest amongst us Post Katrina. And there are still hundreds of homeless, less these 150 who gathered in 'tent city', who are living in abandoned, sometimes ungutted houses and under the highways.

This doesn't mean the homeless problem is over folks,

it just means hope for 150 of them for now.

The morality of this immoral story? Well if you haven't gotten it for yourself yet...

read the whole story and decide for yourself...

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