Monday, December 10, 2007


Lead in story WWL news broadcast, December 10, 2007:
Will this headline news broadcast story be about the thousands of people losing their homes who once lived in public housing?

Why no!

No, your leading story headlined "New threat to public housing" is about a stupid flyer that someone or a group of someones created in their powlerlessness, anger, and frustration, at the unfairness concerning the public housing issue. You gave it full credence to the story of it being a threat without proof that it was a threat - did it occur to one your news staff that it may have been satirical (badly done) and was (rightly) misconstrued.

To make your headline story concerning the housing issue about the threat of the "the flyer's" - the need to get the FBI involved, and then getting the Bishop to speak on camera about a 'distraction' and not the real issue concerning the homeless and displaced, is shameful.

Worse yet, as you are inciting fear and in the telling of this story, you pan/show footage of people who were at the meeting this morning - making it seem to the consumer of your news that like "perhaps one of these protesters" are culprits and this might be what a 'dangerous' protester or activist might look like.

Yet in your profiling of what the creator of a "potential threat to a condo" might look like (i.e. the dangerous activist-protester profile), you forgot to include myself and others in this very same crowd on the opposite side of the room. Most of us are in the 30's-60' age group, (you know how people tend to gravitate towards 'like' groups); in this side of the room, there were noted architects, ministers, and "suits", as well as other professionals, activists and myself .

Since I was there, I can tell you that your camera person stood behind the review board to get the footage of the room. Footage your producers chose to use in the 10 PM news broadcast in conjunction with a public housing related threat of retaliation "flyer" created by an anonymous, misGuided, angry, and self-identified as feeling powerless, individual.

The FBI have not even identified who the creator of this flyer is.

Yet, as newscasters you purposefully and dangerously linked what you believed to be a "terrorist like threat" of damage to condo's in retaliation for demolishing public housing, by voicing over the story of the dangerous threat to condo owners if public housing is demolished - while showing footage of the morning meeting at city hall, of innocent American citizens who came out to exercise their free speech rights and participate in a Democratic process, on Human Rights Day.

I am dumbfounded.

For this is what you have done with the public trust and the power that "We the People", have given you.

With no suspect in custody, hence no footage to show, you visually linked innocent American citizens who were participating in a longstanding political process of exercising their free speech rights at city hall, with a potential threat of terror. Not only did you profile these people as potentially 'dangerous activists and protesters", your producer and editors made conscious creative choices about what images to use. The images - footage you used in your broadcast, deliberately 'profiled' one group of people over another in the same room at the New Orleans city hall meeting.

In the creative process of putting together this news story, you 'choose' to edit out the right side of the room at the Conservation Historic Review meeting concerning the demolishment of public housing. Someone like myself and the others on this side of the room, would have stood out in your obvious attempts at profiling what a 'dangerous activist/protester' might look like.

How ironic that at this very same meeting, I was talking with an activist about my perceptions of a trend towards demonizing and criminalizing all forms (but most especially peace and welfare related) forms of patriotic dissent. For example the "caging" of political activists and protesters in metal cages called "free speech zones". Or creating "free speech zones" miles away from the President, or wearing a T-shirt that is in dissent to the political views of the President, Department of Defence, etc., in a public arena.

To add irony upon irony in a way that only reality can if your are present to it; as this young woman and I were in the process of discussing the topic of demonizing and the clamping down on dissent, a man from the Homeland Security office across the hall came out to yell (more than once) at the people in the hall for making noise and occasionally chanting. He would have none of it - he was enraged.

Then I watch your evening's 10 PM news broadcast...

And became so angry at how you headlined your news broadcast with the deliberate visual slandering of innocent Americans legal engaging in the political process. Your actions as newscasters constitute profiling and the willful incitement of "fear of activists and protesters."

I have chosen not to link the video footage related to the story "NEW THREAT TO PUBLIC HOUSING" and perpetuate the damage WWL NEWS, New Orleans, has already caused to the innocent.

Why is it that the "few bad apples" theory is only accepted as viable when we are talking of government sponsored propaganda?

Foolish people who do foolish things abound.

Like those who foolishly incite fear when they are in a position of public trust

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