Wednesday, December 26, 2007


If you've noticed a dearth of photo's recently - I dropped my camera the day I was shooting the Fantastic Imagery and Incongruous Juxtapositions posting back in early November.

Since then I have been trying to find a camera that fits my needs, finding the money to buy the camera, and then acquiring it. I was able to take some photo's - but it was really, really challenging with a broken camera.

I found a reliable camera outfit from NY - Coney Island - online called and got a really good package deal - when JoeyG heard what I was using the camera for he traded me up to a better lens for wide angles and distance shots, as well as a ionic battery and charger. (I paid $40 extra for the lens but the 4 hour battery and charger was a freebie) Way cool Joey G. Thanks for the blessing.

More photo's are on the way. I have a few photo essays that I am working on hopefully to be completed before the New Year. I want to get back into the streets of New Orleans and photograph. Over this past month, I have been logging places in my head that 'call out' to me (as New Orleans and its many spirits can) saying to myself - I'm coming back here and here...

I realized about a week ago that 2008 brings a needed name change for this blog - I think I might change it to PostKatrina2007-2008 or something like it to update it for those who are linking up to the blog from older postings on search engines.

The camera is so awesome. I was loving the experience of the first moments when I turned it on, knowing what's ahead for this camera and I, we're going to be good buds for sometime to come. Jah Bless. I had to give up something else I needed (health care) to get it - that's what happens when your living marginally. There is always a trade off to get what you want. And I really want to help those who are living even more marginally then I.


Jah Bless. Planetary thanks.

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