Thursday, December 20, 2007


I watched a former public housing resident who some have identified as the defacto - 'unofficial spokesperson' (for HUD/HANO ) speak' on the 10p.m. WGNO newscast , on 'behalf' of the former housing residents.

She said something that broke my heart. For her and the thousands of others in the city of New Orleans who believe that they are "included" in the redevelopment of brand New Orlean$, who I feel in reality will be "excluded"; yet they, in their faith, are needed to give credence to what the government is trying to do. I beleive that she and others really "believe" what they are being told by the people bringing in "revitalization and progress". These residents really want a better future for their children and grandchildren. I can tell that she and others who speak in this way, have faith in strong authoritarian leadership and sincerely believe that they are going to enjoy the promised prosperity to come. I have seen the government use this tactic time and time again, only to find the person who was helping the government, (who believed their actions would benefit the many in the long run)betrayed by the "truth" of what was really happening, finding out later that they were used to help "frame"the perception of the public eye as a cover for nefarious deeds. Wanting to believe in the good, only to find themselves suffering the consequences of policies that would in the end betray them, their honour, their standing in the community or nation and their dignity.
Here it is... the myth of "inclusion" the false promise meted out who really want to believe and have faith in their leadership:

"With redevelopment comes progress".

Yes, progress will come, I fear off of the backs of your grandchildren and children. They will no longer be able to afford to live in this city or even shop in it, and they will be relegated to the outskirts or where the land is not yet desirable, and prone to flooding - land that is not near the tourism center. I fear the way things will pan out is that many former displaced and homeless residents will be welcomed as 'workers', who leave at night or when their work is finished, many no longer enjoying the cultural and other benefits of living "in" the city. A city they once knew as 'home' for generations, before the Katrina related levee failures.

I was riding my bike around the city the other day and the thought came to me, "they are slowly killing the spirit of this city, and in the future in this pseudo-Disneyland-Las Vegas-tourism hotspot, they might find that they have to 'pay' people who work to support this industry to be 'nice' to the tourists." As the misery of the poverty of the lives they will have created for those who earn the lowest wages, who are needed to keep such industries going, are going to have a profound affect on the personality of this city.

The red-tide of disaster capitalism style "progress" is sweeping across the the city bringing in its wake, brand New Orlean$.

Listen if I am wrong, well it is here for everyone to see - a testament to my naysaying to "progress" and clear written indications that I suffered from paranoia - only inthe unravelling of time and space will we find out the truth. If I am right, and I have seen this pattern of changing demographics and communities by those who "have the power ($$) to achieve purpose" (Martin Luther King Jr) and excluding those who made the properties those in power now desire - desirable; well, you owe me "1" collective, "hey, you were right". For those who destroyed the lives of thousands for the sake of "pro$perity and progre$$" promised to the many - and allotted to the few - wow, they are gonna have some heavy duty karma to contend with.

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Paul Vernon Buser

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