Friday, December 21, 2007


It seems like the Universe had one more lesson in humility for your Planetary Sister. Perhaps one more posting will help bring back any balance I might have lost in my postings over this very intense and emotional week.

The lesson in humility came once again from a NOPD police officer. One of the officers who was in the city council chambers where the hearings concerning the demolitions of New Orleans public housing were being held, when things got out of "harmony" on the 20th of December .

I went to visit a woman whom I had met 'randomly' one afternoon this week, and we began conversing at the curb. She had invited me to see where she worked in the Quarter. I had been invited to a reggae event this evening near the Quarter, so I stopped to see her on my way.

She works at the front desk. As we were talking she asked me what I had been up to and I shared briefly about my experiences in the last 2 days. "Oh," she said, "you were at the protests week?" Then she asked the NOPD police officer who was across from me if he was there also. He told us he was and I asked him where he was. He shared about what he saw and then I shared with him what I saw, and a really good conversation came out of the interaction between us.

He wasn't reactive at all to my "perceptions", if anything his opinions and replies were as thoughtful and insightful as mine. (There I go again - preconceptions and assumptions on my part) He seemed to understand the pain of those who lost their homes who were in public housing and he was able to articulate with some compassion, his commiseration with those who had thought they were just temporarily leaving their belongings and precious mementos behind and the pain they feel from being hurt again now that they buildings are going to be razed. For many he said all "hope" of returning will be lost once all the buildings are destroyed. First it was the storm. Then not being able to go back to their homes, not being able to get their belongings things that were meaningful to them. And now the demolition of the buildings.

I could tell from our interaction together that he was someone who deeply cared about his city and the people in it. I could tell he was a thoughtful man who understood his community, his city, and it seemed to me that he had spent some time coming to his own moral understanding of the situation when he articulated his opinions about the city, it seemed to me that they "held" everyone without polarization. He was a soft spoken, reticent man, with a powerful outer countenance.


I knew halfway into our conversation that it was lesson time again for me. I could feel the Universe laughing. God was laughing. The city and its political mechanisms were laughing. Not at me. 'With' me. 'For' me. Sometimes, I have found that when I need to learn something more about my self and others around me, that the Universe brings me just the right situations and people to help me fine tune my usually pretty accurate insights, which if I am not careful, can get out of balance when my emotional self gets too involved. It usually happens that these events for my edification happen with uncanny serendipity and synchronicity which draws me back to my spiritual and emotional center. I know 'em to be edifying occurrences often "as they are happening" and later, I like the Universe, the city, life around me, begin laughing too.

In Peace.
Sweet dreams...

The darkest day of the year is over. Each day now, the light will stay with us a little longer.

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