Friday, December 28, 2007


This is what I was able to capture today as I gave Penny who is going to spend some time helping me with a photo project, the 'tour' from Metairie to the Lower 9th Ward. When we met Daniel and Wethanna, well we stayed for quite awhile and I am really glad we did. He has been shouldering a lot or responsibility and seem to need to just talk about what has been going on, what he trying to accomplish, what it is like for his wide and children, what it is like for him, everything he wanted or needed to say almost got said (except when I interrupted as he was a wonderfully insightful and kind man to 'converse' with.)

I was making a lot of noise in the car when I crossed over the Claiborne bridge and saw all the pink tarping and the solar panels in the Lower 9th. I never knew the name of the area - I never associated the many photo's I have taken over the summer months with the "Holy Cross" area of the lower 9th. I thought it was on the other side of Claiborne. (If I wasn't so tired I would link some of the many posts with photo's from this area, but "the kettle's on the boil, and were so easily called away...") Imagine my incredible joy when the area I have found poignancy and beauty in is the area where the pink tarps are!!!!!

I am so excited to see more and photograph what is going on. I am going in the morning and if not too tired by evening will download the photo's of the 'Green' community Brad Pitt has put his celebrity behind and it seems by the beautiful pink color - his heart - into.

Here are some meanings associated with the color pink that I am going to publicly 'project' onto those awesome pink packages in the lower 9th:

PINK: Loving - Compassionate - Tolerant - Universal Love - Approachable

I especially relate the following qualities of the color PINK to the experience I had seeing all those wonderful pink bundles and the solar panels...

Pink is said to reduce aggression, irritation and anger.

Subtle hints of pink are beneficial in areas where self-love & self-worth are needed.

Calms agitated states

Releases aggression & anger

Creates a loving environment

If you have ever been to this area of the 9th Ward then you would understand how perfect the color PINK is for the area.

Bravo to everyone involved in this worthy project.

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