Wednesday, December 12, 2007


"The next phase of the disaster capitalism complex is all too clear: with emergencies on the rise, government no longer able to foot the bill, and citizens stranded by their can't-do-state; the parallel corporate state will rent back the disaster infrastructure to whoever can afford it,at whatever price the market will bear. For sale will be everything from helicopter rides off rooftops to drinking water to beds in shelters."

Already wealth provides an escape hatch from most disasters... It buys bottled water, generators, satellite phones and rent-a-cops." "If we continue in this direction, the images of people stranded in New Orleans rooftops will not only be a glimpse of America's unresolved past of racial inequality but will also foreshadow a collective future of disaster apartheid in which survival is determined by who can afford to escape."

"Looking ahead to coming disasters, ecological and political, we often assume that we are all going to face them together, that wha';s needed are leaders who recognize the destructive course we are on. But I'm not so sure. Perhaps part of the reason why so many of our elites, both political and corporate are so sanguine about climate change is that they are confident they will be able to buy their way out of the worst of it. This may also partially explain why so many Bush supporters are Christian end timers. It's not just that they need to believe there is an escape hatch from the world they are creating. It's that the Rapture is a parable for what they are building down here -- a system that invites destruction and disaster, then swoops in with private helicopters and airlifts them and their friends to divine safety."

--Naomi Klein
Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
(p. 219)

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