Monday, December 3, 2007


CALL TO ACTION: Pledge of resistance in defense of the right to housing in New Orleans

link: The Coalition to Stop Demolition

Published on: December 03, 2007
Open Letter:

In the past two years, New Orleans has faced a series of social crises that have struck a blow to our collective vision for a more just and equitable city, not simply one that is more inviting to elites. Yet none of these crises has been so uniquely urgent as this. What is at stake with the demolition of public housing in New Orleans is more than just the loss of housing units: it destroys any possibility for affordable housing in New Orleans for the foreseeable future. Without access to affordable housing, thousands of working class New Orleanians will be denied their human right to return.

Although this situation is unique and urgent in the city of New Orleans, it does not occur in isolation. The plans for redevelopment here are part of a national assault on public housing, in which tens of thousands of homes have been demolished in the past decade.

Though we face this ongoing crisis together across this country, in New Orleans the prospect of demolition is a critical moment for the reconstruction movement itself. It is a test of the strength and will of our movement: a loss at this juncture would be a blow to the ability of the movement to grow and sustain itself to fight on other fronts.

In coming to New Orleans, you are helping us to draw this line in the sand. You are taking part in a critical piece of the ongoing fight against neo-liberal incursions into our cities. Here in New Orleans, as the bulldozers arrive to destroy any hope for the right of return for thousands of families, you can help us push back this agenda, and stand fast with us to promote a more people-focused reconstruction: one that is based on a vision of justice and rights for all people, and not profits for corporations and the desires of those with power.

We stand for a reconstruction that values and preserves services and infrastructure for poor people who have always lived, worked, and struggled to survive in New Orleans, and who possess the right to return to the homes from which they fled or were forcibly removed more than two years ago.

Thank you for making the pledge to stand with us at this time. May the love of justice, not power, guide our actions.

In Unity and Struggle,
The Coalition to Stop Demolition


Print Zero Brian said...

Thank you for posting this. I've made 3 trips down
there to volunteer in the past year, and Joyce & Tommy have been at Camp Hope every single night willing to talk about their situation(s). If Tommy didn't have bad luck, he would have no luck at all.
He's one of those people who put into the system his
entire life only to be screwed over by his insurance company, the government, and theives.

Some how people think life is getting back to normal down there, they are assuming that money is making it to all residents and they are being taken care for...couldn't be further from the truth.

continue the excellent work on the blog.

Brian Lane

I'm also on flickr as "ihelpednola"

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