Saturday, November 10, 2007


To understand why I found seeing Ms. Carol's house like this yesterday brought me much joy for her visit to see how her house looked when I met her:

I have been aware that Ms. Carol has worked so hard personally on her home with her contractor and friends. So yesterday, whilst I was photographing the abandoned school across the street from her - her "view", I felt much joy as I drove up and saw the new roof, with the paint on the house. I just stood there dumbfounded with joy. In that moment, I realized I could hear birds singing in the trees, I became aware of the breeze and noticed the beautiful window treatments (from the outside) that Ms. Carol had chosen and how in one particular window, I could see the breeze moving the beautiful curtains up and down through the new screens in the window.

In those few moments, I felt such joy for Ms. Carol and oddly for me, a sense of peace. To see one of the many people I have come to find myself fond of, even from a distance, to find herself nearer to a more comforting experience of "home", after incredible sufferings and struggle, brought my own heart some semblance of peacefulness. I also became aware at how often my eyes see windows without beautiful window treatments - instead with torn and tattered remains of such. And I reckoned that might have been the visual stimuli that helped the eyes of my heart, feel a sense of peacefulness in those moments. And to hear birds singing in such a treeless area was truly, an auditory treat.

The "view" for Ms. Carol and neighbors trying to rebuild.

Johnathan Lockett Elementary School, 70117

“Fall seven times. Stand up eight.”
— Japanese proverb

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