Tuesday, November 13, 2007


"Most of New Orleans schools are in ruins, as are the homes of the children who have attended them. The children are now scattered all over the country. This is a tragedy. It is also an opportunity to radically reform the educational system."

- Milton Friedman, The Promise of Vouchers, The Wall Street Journal, December 2005.

"Friedman's radical idea was that instead of spending a portion of the billions of dollars on reconstruction money rebuilding and improving New Orleans existing public school system, the government should provide families with vouchers, which they could spend at private institutions, many run at a profit, that would be subsidized by the state."

--The Promise of Vouchers, The Wall Street Journal

"A network of right-wing think tanks seized on Friedman's proposal and descended on the city after the storm. The administration for G. W. Bush backed up their plans with tens of millions of dollars to convert New Orleans schools into "charter" schools, publicly funded institutions run by private entities according to their own rules."

"Charter schools are deeply polarizing in the united States, and nowhere more than New Orleans, where they are seen by many African-American parents as a way of reversing the gains of the civil rights movement, which guaranteed all children the same standard of education."

--Shock doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

"...Public school teachers, meanwhile, watching money allocated for the victims of the flood being diverted to erase a public system and replace it with a private one, were calling Freidman's plan "an educational land grab".

--Educational Land Grabs, Rethinking Schools, Fall 2006

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All quotes used in the posting are sourced from:
Shock doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

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