Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I've noticed in passing when channel surfing the last few days that the t.v. bounty hunter guy - "Dog" I believe, has been on Hannity and Colmes (interviewed sympathetically by Hannity in my opinion, in the few moments I could stand to watch it). And he is on Larry King tonight.

And I had an intuition that certain media groups are trying to get "Dog" back into the loop. His show I believe, since it has continued to stay on the air for some years (?) (I could never watch it) was profitable enough, to keep it on.

And it seems until people found out that he was a terrible racist, that he was fondly held in esteem by many. I heard Sherri Shepherd mention on The View how much she admired him and enjoyed the show until she heard the tape of the phone call and I believe I heard her state she is confused about how she feels about him since. Perhaps a lot of good folks are confused about what to do with this situation.

From what little I have seen in passing over the years and perceive, "Dog" felt he was moral, "fighting the good fight" (for profit and fame of course), nonetheless, he held himself up to be a "good guy" out chasing the bad guys.

Now, I am surprised, because in this case, you could "have judged the book by the cover" just by watching a few moment of his show, and made an assumption that his language was cleaned up for the air.

When saw he was on Larry King this evening, I thought, "some media group is trying to "make it all better" to get this guy back on the air." (I am sure "Dog" is at the head of the pack. Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.).

And then it occurred to me, we should not be listening to what "Dog" is telling us. Instead we should look at his son's actions.

His son knew that his father was wrong and turned him in for his racist views - exposed him for the racist he was.

I guess I want to hear what his son has to say in a year or so. I would like to hear if his father has been consciously and verbally rehabilitated.

The character of a man is known from his conversations.
Menander (342 BC - 292 BC)

In Peace.

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