Tuesday, November 6, 2007


"The forces in a capitalist society,

if left unchecked,

tend to make the rich richer and the poor poorer."

Out of the 13 houses on this small portion of Andry and North Robertson Streets in the more "intact" section of the lower 9th Ward- 1 home is definitely occupied - the one below. By a neighbor who is watchful of every stranger on the street - watching out for his neighbors properties. One is being rebuilt. Another might be occupied, it is hard to tell - as many people who cannot afford renovations, repairs, rebuilding are living, hidden, in houses that need major repairs, even mold removal - these are often and sadly, senior citizens.

"Everything is not okay" down here in the poorer parishes of New Orleans. Those who "have" are doing just fine thank you. Those who "have not" are being left for the most part once again abandoned.

The amazing thing about many (not all) the people I have met in these situations - I am angrier about the injustice and unfairness of how they are being treated then they are themselves. Many align with their faith and find strength, forgiveness, and the fortitude to cope. Others shrug it off and get about doing what little they can with what materials they can afford. Others it seems, have lived in some form of unjust and unfair conditions all of their lives - my anger and passion bemuses them, they have no energy left for such goings on. They have to get about the business of a life that is yoked to incredible suffering and struggle.

Philanthropy is commendable,

but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook

the circumstances of economic injustice

which make philanthropy necessary.

--Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Planetary remembrance to all who are suffering, most especially our planetary brothers and sisters experiencing the ravages of the flooding in Mexico.

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