Thursday, October 25, 2007


"We know all men are not created equal in the sense some people would have us believe - some people are smarter than others, some have more opportunity because they are born with it, some men make more money than others, some ladies make better cakes than others - some people are born gifted beyond the normal scope of most men."

--Atticus Finch
To Kill A Mockingbird (page 234)

I was watching the beginning of the news coverage for ABC, which I noticed chose not to interrupt "Dancing with the Stars" but waited until the 10:00 hour to begin their coverage of the fires in California and the plight of those being affected by this natural disaster.

And I have to share with you what I saw:

I saw people waiting in lines for food and their needs to be met with Starbucks coffee cups in their hands and a few things came to me:

"This disaster relief effort is brought to you by "Starbucks Coffee".

"Wow, what am I watching??? Are these individuals really drinking Starbucks coffee, watching t.v. and is it me or considering their circumstances, they seem to be relatively comfortable in their plight, let's say compared with the wretchedness that the people of New Orleans were asked to suffer in, many without food and water, let alone the luxury of having t.v.'s to watch." I do not wish for the suffering of anyone - I also feel that there is a big difference in the way the people of Southern California are being treated and the way the people of New Orleans, many who went for 4- 7 day before getting help, food or water, were treated"

We can't go back, I am really grateful that those who need help are getting it in their time of suffering. Yet I wonder if they would be receiving the same sort of treatment if the fires happened let's say in Oakland or other more racially diverse, and perhaps more income poor neighborhoods.

And I still can't believe I was watching "brand placement" going on!!! Okay, I will give them the benefit of the doubt, no other cups could be found... ???

I haven't read this book yet, but the title has been in my consciousness and seems apt for this posting:

(lol - as I am researching the title of the article I vaguely remember seeing on the cover of a magazine waiting in line, I learn that Naomi Klein wrote a book about "branding" called No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies.)

I guess I am only beginning to recognize a pattern that Naomi Klein has been prescient enough to perceive and write about.
I am looking forward to reading her book and wonder, why weren't the people of New Orleans served Starbucks coffee? If you are a victim of a natural disaster in the future will the quality of the food and goods you receive be directly related to "your market value" and the types of good you may be purchasing to rebuild in the recovery process?

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