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Skilled Volunteers Needed until November 22, 2007

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Date: 2007-10-30, 1:55PM CDT

Emergency Communities' Goin' Home Community Cafe is looking for skilled volunteers to help with gutting, deconstruction, yard work and especially our rebuild program, in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. If you have construction, carpentry, plumbing and/or re-build skills, please apply with us by sending an email to:

We will be accepting skilled volunteers until the 22nd of November, 2007. We look forward to hearing from you!

Seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help rebuild NOLA - year r

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Date: 2007-10-30, 1:09PM CDT

Trinity Christian Community (TCC) is seeking teams of ca. 10-20 volunteers to assist our AmeriCorps rebuilding staff to work on homes for one week periods. We have long term AmeriCorps members from across the country who are skilled in rebuilding work that will lead your team through a week of service to the New Orleans community. They are well-trained in facilitating groups to work on home repair, renovations and yard landscaping and love to introduce volunteers to New Orleans and the process of rebuilding. However, it takes much longer to rebuild homes with few people working on the houses. That is where we need you!

Eager and willing volunteers like you help us multiply our efforts and enable homeowners to make the transition from trailer to house much quicker. Our staff is well experienced at hosting volunteer teams and TCC may be able to offer housing for the duration of your work stay. The work scope varies in activity according to the specific projects we have during your volunteer time.

The work may include any of a variety of activities such as hanging insulation, installing drywall, painting an interior or exterior of a house, doing minor landscaping in overgrown yards or engaging in basic carpentry with re-framing a home. Even more can be possible if you bring skilled workers in your group. If you do have people with particular building or home repair knowledge, please let us know prior to arrival.

If you are interested in volunteering some time with us, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Sandy Brown, at and we will begin to dialogue with you about your stay.

We look forward to spending time with you in New Orleans and appreciate your desire to assist us in bringing homeowners back into a safe, rebuilt house quickly!


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Date: 2007-10-25, 9:31AM CDT

Volunteer with The United Saints as we do work on 3 historic churches in New Orleans.


First St. UMC. (

Peck UMC. (

Wesley UMC. (

Work is also being done on 2 houses in the neighborhood.

We are also in search of a visual artist that can create murals and work on other projects.

Housing will be offered to volunteers that work 30 to 45 hours a week.

If you would like to volunteer or would like more info. please contact Daryl at: Office: 504-895-2216 email:

Spaymart Needs Volunteers at the Kitty Shelter

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Date: 2007-10-24, 4:54PM CDT

MS SpayMart Needs Extra Hands For Katrina Cat Rescues SpayMart is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer nonprofit organization based in New Orleans. SpayMart also has a facility in Picayune, MS, for cats rescued after Katrina.

Lynn Chiche (president) GREATLY need extra hands to help care for the cats and would appreciate ANY amount of time that anyone could donate to the effort! Just going for one day would be appreciated. Maybe you could drive over to help with things like feeding/watering, scooping litter boxes, or administering meds?

TO VOLUNTEER: Contact Lynn Chiche: or 1-601-749-0268 or

Let her know when you can go...and she'll give you directions to get there.

It's only about an hour and 15 minutes from New Orleans to Picayune. You could take some friends with you who'd like to help out. It could be a fun trip and would be for such a good cause.

In addition, they do have accommodations if anyone can stay for several days. Thanks for considering this request! Please forward it to any LA and MS contacts you have.


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Date: 2007-10-26, 11:30AM CDTHI

I'm Ms Pearl I'm housing 7 homeless people . Most are street musicians.

One just had a cancer removed from his face and can't play the street for a while.He has construction skills and we have managed to replace 3 windows and a door doing day work.

I have a young Flute player who plays the street She really adds so much charm to the French Quarter. Which we all know helps the Economy of the French Quarter, She is sleeping on the floor.If anyone has bedding please help

Here is what we need Bunk beds , food, blankets, insulation , treated lumber, Plumbing supply's, advice, helping hands.camping items. We still have the tents from the film but need all other camping items, Computer skills, Someone who can type our stories and songs need to be kept.

We are not a charity and don't ask for cash.

I believe We can do this with items no longer needed and excess items from construction.

People helping people.

Contact Information
712 Alvar ST New Orleans 70117
504 948 0166

We also need day jobs Kamp Katrina is a verite documentary set in post-Katrina New Orleans (yet, it is not a Hurricane Katrina film). The film follows Ms. Pearl, a 56 year old Upper 9th Ward resident and Native American, over the course of 6 months. Ms. Pearl enthusiastically offers her backyard and ten people immediately move into "Kamp Katrina," their self-made tent community. She ends up playing the role of bouncer, psychologist, nurse, mother, domestic abuse counselor, housing advocate, and even tourist in her beloved city.

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