Tuesday, September 4, 2007


For those who may check in regularly to what I have been posting, you may have noticed that I have not posted on the blog since the 29th of August.

I have been resting and also this week, especially, it feels to me to be a time of sacred mourning. So very many people during this week died so traumatically. Others were in trees waiting for to be rescued, in attics dying alone, on roofs waiting for up to a week without food and water to be rescued. Many watched beloved family members young and old die, neighbors dying and witnessed horrible scenes of death and destruction.

I feel the intensity of this shared trauma by the community here - emotionally and energetically. There is mourning and grief in the air, in the trees, in the shells of homes that sit like tombstones marking a once loved home, lives of a family, and neighborhoods.

Many people continue to deal with despair and depression, those whom I speak to revisit with regularity, the trauma of this week for them 2 years ago. Some speak of how their love ones died, many whom were elderly, dying a few months after from the trauma and stress associated with being flooded and waiting...

This week for many survivors of the flooding, is a time of traumatic remembrance. And for me, a time of silence. The words will come again.

For now, their is solidarity in quietness, remembrance, and love.

Your Planetary Sister.

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