Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Note: Everyone asked to be kept anonymous. All were men, all were elderly and one told me outright: "It's my fault I hired him, I am embarrassed, I don't want anyone to know."

Other Rebuild Green Customers on Rebuild Green and Don Paul:

“He (Don Paul - Rebuild Green) thinks nothing of spending my money. He says to me it’s just money”. Now I pay him by the day for the work he has done.”

--Elderly owner of house of current Rebuild Green Project.

“He (Don Paul - Rebuild Green) messed up the sheet rock - we had to take out all the door frames.”

--Upper 9th Ward resident.

“He (Don Paul - RebuildGreen) kept asking for money and I saw the work he had done and realized that this man had no idea what he was doing.” I began paying him by the day and then I just got rid of him.”

--Lower 9th Ward Resident

Sorry about the picture quality, my bad. The wood is not "framing wood". Notice the gaps.

He’s (Don Paul - Rebuild Green) no carpenter. He doesn’t know what he is doing. I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone. He messed up the doors. I had to pay another contractor to put the doors in right.”

--Upper 9th Ward Resident

“Look at the uneven sheet rocking and plastering, he didn‘t even sand before painting.”

" He (Don Paul-Rebuild Green) told me this was my finished attic door." I had to get every door and window reframed" "He was no carpenter".

“I was gonna have him do everything until I saw that he didn’t know what he was doing, I ran him off” I don’t want no attention because I hired him.”

--Upper 9th Ward Resident.

Live up to your political rhetoric Rebuild Green and Common Ground! Malik - you have something good at the roots of your organization - but if you are going to point your finger at others not living their truth and bring in donations and volunteers as a result - then I feel that it is your responsibility to make sure your organization is "walking it's talk".

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