Saturday, August 25, 2007


DAY 25

This neighborhood is a few blocks from the closed "Pizza Hut". There is nothing for the children teens, and adults - to do for recreation in this neighborhood. In the midst of profound suffering, 2 years after going through traumatizing experiences, this neighborhood has now been abandoned by care, let to the whims of indifference. The children and teens are unable to access the basketball courts as the gates are locked.

Their school is closed. This is what they see and take into their conciusness' every day as they walk down the street. There is no local movie theater. Their is no community center. No "after school activities". The local stores as you saw in the previous posting - abandoned. The "Pizza Hut" closed. There is nothing for these children to to for recreation. They play amongst deprivation, blight and poverty.

The only kind of dignity which is genuine is that which is not diminished
by the indiference of others.

--Dag Hammarskjold (1905 - 1961)

"Even so, experts already note a direct correlation between private investment and the racial and economic characteristics of a neighborhood, as the lion's share of money flows to white and middle-class enclaves. "

As I was photographing, a 11-12 year old boy walked past me, I greeted him, he looked over in my direction and our eyes met - his eyes were absolutely vacant. It was haunting, this child eyes told the story of the walking dead. I knew intuitively this child has experienced - witnessed - too much suffering and violence. What I saw in his eyes haunts me still...

Poverty is the worst form of violence.

--Mohandas Gandhi

There are families trying to rebuild their homes and their lives in this neighborhood. Their children play in the blighted streets.

There was sweet 2 seater swinging porch sitting on the floor of this porch, it was painted the same color as the house, there were decrepit porch decoration on the floor. To me they were signs that this was once a very special home - a place where someone cared. Now sits abandoned. Perhaps who lived there died, perhaps the flooding of their home was the last straw. Perhaps they are waiting for help. Perhaps they had an emotional breakdown. Perhaps...

The amount of cars parked by this church in this blighted neighborhood intrigued me. The contrast between the amount of people drawn to this church and the amount of blighted properties, including the one right next door to the church touched me deeply. I felt the strength of the peoples of this neighborhood - no matter the outward signs of significant suffering.

The Promised Land is a State of Mind

--Majek Fashek - Promised Land


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