Thursday, August 16, 2007


DAY 16

In April of 2007 I photographed and posted a blog on the CJ Peete Housing Projects in a posting called WELCOME BACK?(PART 2). I noticed then that someone had come into the area and painted healing symbols on sheets, slips, and walls of the now abandoned housing projects.

I was spiritually impressed and inspired by their work. For two reasons, first, that whomever did this felt safe enough in a dangerous area (for anyone) to take the time to paint these healing signs and words. I could tell whomever did this cared about the families who had once lived here and my guess is that they had never even met them. It also seemed to me that they cared with compassion and without judgement. I was very moved to take in these visual signs of compassion amongst the devastation and emptiness of the housing projects.

This past Sunday I went back the the C.J. Peete Housing projects and found many new signs of humanity in the eerily abandoned housing units. Some of the signs were destructive - as more the buildings showed signs of people entering and destroying property. More windows were broken, and the buildings are showing signs of collapse.

(I hope to be writing another posting on this situationvery soon).

I also noticed more artwork by I am assuming, spiritual - hippies or rainbow family members, on the outer wall. In a neighborhood of incredible blight and hopelessness, I can feel how these ancient symbols are bringing their own vibration of light and harmony.

As I went through the housing projects photographing what has happened in area since I had been there in April, I noticed that a New Orleanian local, whom must have lived in the are before the storm, must have been affected by the tributes and healing artwork, as I noticed that they had created their own tribute to a neighbor whom they had loved who had recently died.

(Draped out of the top window is a wedding dress that has "R.I.P. VEE" written on it).

Give light and people will find the way.

--Ella Baker


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