Sunday, August 12, 2007


DAY 12

I had no idea someone was living here when I took this photo this morning, it was not until I was editing this evening and looked closely at the picture that I became aware that I had photographed someones home. I am assuming that the occupant was at church across the street when I took these photo's this morning.

There was no one around at the time. What caught my eye were the broken barbie dolls on the chair (not in these photo's), and as the door glass was broken, and as the outside of the house is collapsing, I thought the house was left as it was 2 years ago when Katrina hit they city, as are many of the homes I photograph for this blog.

You cannot imagine my horror when I was editing my work this evening and saw that a planetary brother or sister - possibly with a child, is living in these conditions. This is the United States, we are a "compassionate" nation! I have to use explanation points. I am still in shock and very upset that this family is suffering as they are. I or you would never even know about them except by chance as I felt compelled to photograph the homes on this block.

Look closely at this photo and notice how things are neatly arranged and organized, the person who lives here, in my opinion still has their dignity intact and their is some hope. Look at the second photo with the waterfall picture. I am so moved by the outward signs of this occupants faith and strength. Look at the books and items on the shelf. I did not "see" any of this when I was photographing this morning. My mind could not even grasp at the time that a planetary brother or sister could live like this in this country. I comprehend that this level of poverty and suffering is rampant in other countries - but we are supposed to be the wealthiest country in the world! Billions of dollars were sent to the gulf coast to help.

I even remember when President Bush told us in the political debates before he was elected, that the philosopher that has inspired him the most is "Jesus". Beloved Jesus - who spent his life advocating and serving, living with the poor...

I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.

Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

--Mohandas Gandhi

This quote is directed towards those who say that they are "with" Christ
even as their deeds belie their words.

Prayers for the suffering...


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