Thursday, July 12, 2007


A right delayed is a right denied.

--Martin Luther King, Jr.

View of Tennessee Street from Claiborne to St. Claude

Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans

This street once had 7o homes on it.

Now there are 6 empty plots.

There are 50 empty homes.

6 homes that are habitable/occupied.

8 homeowners living in FEMA trailers.

Only 14 homes out of 70 are being rebuilt on this one section of Tennessee Street.

68 of the homes were owned by senior citizens.

The youngest homeowners were in their mid-50's.

(End of Tennessee street by St. Claude)

(Begin right side of street back to Claiborne)

Tennesse Street (between Claiborne and St. Claude), New Orleans 70117

The National Guard patrols the streets.

There is no supermarket.

The senior center and community center is closed.

Schools are closed.

Churches are closed.

The police sub-station is closed.

85% of the local businesses remain closed.

The leevies which caused this destruction - have not been not properly repaired.

Homeowners must pay the maxium flood and homeowners insurance premiums.

Homeowners have found their insurance carriers that they were with for many years will no longer write policies for them.

2 years after Katrina there are thousands who continue to suffer in theLower 9th Ward.

Their rights are being delayed.

Their rights are being denied.

Our lives begin to end

the day we become silent about things that matter.

--Martin Luther King, Jr.


Update: (an excellent related article) - - Family is first to return to empty street

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