Thursday, July 5, 2007


I witness daily in the streets, "heartbreaking" suffering. I try an stay as present to what I am witnessing as possible.

Today someone I am helping advocated on the behalf of someone they know to see if I would help him. This man's life continues in chaos since Katrina. He is homeless, he loves his two children and can't take care of them, he tells me they are the only reason he is still living, his suffering is so complete, he feels and is, powerless. He is one of the many I meet who seem to me to be in need of mental health services, in this case to help him get his life together.

Here's the most "heartbreaking" part of this experience I had with him today, his pulling out of an envelope, a newspaper with a story that was done on him when reporters were reporting on the plight of those living in the devastated 9th Ward. I thought as he showed it to me,"I feel as though he is showing this to me to show me he is worthy of helping." I told him I did not need to read it to help him, that my help was unconditional.

I found out through briefly speaking with him that he really thought the news coverage was going to make a difference in his life - that it might bring the possibility of change. Who wouldn't in his situation? Oddly enough, this experience is more common in the 9th Ward.

I couldn't even bear to read it, not today. I told him on Monday when I take him and his mom to an appointment in the city, when I am waiting with them in the waiting room, I will read it "with" them then.

Prayers... for the suffering.


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