Sunday, July 8, 2007


It seems that throughout the ages there have been, and continue to be, those planetary brothers and sisters who seek to deliberately exploit and prey upon other planetary brothers and sisters for their own nefarious agenda's.

There's seems to be in the the consciousness' of such individuals, a 'contempt' for those who would "try" to live lives of conscious caring and kindness. And in their contempt, they seem to seek to corrupt, manipulate, and/or exploit, those who try to embody qualities kindness; often confusing kindness and charity with foolhardiness and their own distorted internal projections of greed and dark heartedness. I received just such an invitation to participate in the dark from one such individual, who couched their seduction in "wanting to help the poor and needy".

I share it with you dear readers to expose those who would seek to prey upon the sufferings of their planetary brothers and sisters. It may be a 'joke' to some who read this and letters like this, yet for those of us who have been in New Orleans and have seen the trusting, the naive, and the truly devestated tricked and stolen from, it is no 'joke'. I believe that we are responsible for the care of our brothers and sisters - and as the lyrics from the Hollies song state so beautifully... "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."


Subject: Donation for you

How are you??brian smith foundation is set up to help the poor and needies..Our aim is to help the real people out there, who really need a helping hand, achieve their goals....We help people from all race and believe in the bible passage which says Give and it shall be given to you good measures shall men give onto your bossom....

Having gone through your story,We are really Pitiful of your situation and ready to help you...We might not be able to meet your need but we will be donating a sum of $800 to you..

So,In the mean time,We will be needing you to provide us with your personal information(Full name,Full address and Phone number)so that we can remit a certified Check or money order to you...

Please let us have the information before the week runs out for we have so many people to help.We are so glad to help people who needed our help out there, cos we came to this world for a purpose.

i want you to know that we are going to send you a check or money oder what of $4500, and we will be very happy if you can also help the same people like you who needed our help out there.All you need to do when you resive the check or money oder, you will take it to your bank cash it, then you we remove the amount we are willing to donate to you , which is $800.

After taking away the $800 from the $4500 send to you, then you will have to send the remaining money back to some of our workers around the world checking out place and people who needed our help, so that they can shear the money out to people who also needed our help like you do.We are going to send you the check or money oder if you are willing to help people who needed help also, and we will be very happy if we can trusted you by sending the remaing money back as will said. As soon as you get the check or money oder, we are going to send you the name and the address you will be sending the remaining money to.

I hope you understand all we have say, we are willing to help you and other people around the world. If you are willing to do this, we will be waiting for your reply. We wish you the best of luck.

Brian Smith Foundation.

Sure, I am smart enough to know what type of letter this is, and I am wise enough to know if you ignore an invasive plant species in your garden, it will eventually devour all that is beautiful and unlike itself.

P.S. I have been receiving an extraordinary amount of "mercy" spam since creating this blog - it gives me great pleasure to forward all spam to:

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