Monday, July 2, 2007


Before I dash out this morning a quick note from your Planetary Sister:

There were 8 murders over the weekend. (Bringing the total for the year for New Orleans to 98). I hear that as a result, New Orleans has made national and international news (CNN) concerning the crime problem here. Considering New Orleans is up for attention against the violence of alleged Al-Qaeda suspects and made the news, that should alert everyone who cares in this nation that there is something going on here that needs attention and "care".

Do you know why many people are upset about CNN's coverage? Not because people are killing each other - well "that's just Black American on Black American and if you aren't living near or a gangsta like life-style you don't have to worry." The reason many people are upset is because it "will hurt tourism".

I am listening to a local news talk radio this morning. A lot of God Bless Americas and playing different versions of the song. Dispersed between this is conversation about "incarcerating" them all. How we have so many extra FBI agents in New Orleans, the National Guard and how it isn't working - that the crime problem is getting worse.

Here's my take on what is going on here - look at the pictures of the neighborhoods in which those who are killing each other are living. Look at the closed schools. The closed areas of business. The "corpses" of homes - thousands of them. How many jobs do you think are available for ex-cons here? I heard a parole officer say that even MacDonald's, Church's Chicken and Burger King won't hire ex-offenders.

Until we take care of the social and psychological needs of the population, especially a population that has suffered on-masse severe trauma due to a natural disaster, people in these communities will continue to "die" to get out of here.


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