Saturday, June 9, 2007


I perceive a shift in the consciousness' of the national and international press corps.

As Katrina/Rita ravaged areas in NOLA are coming up on their 2 year anniversary, I am beginning to see the cameramen in the streets.

It's time folks, time to get ready for: "The Anniversary of Katrina - 2 Years later".

And the part of me that sees and feels the shift in attention is gladdened and saddened at the same time. Gladdened that some national attention will be focused down in the areas hit by Katrina and saddened that I haven't seen them on the streets throughout the earlier part of this year, as people continue to suffer in (NOLA - where I am located) and other areas of the state and in Mississippi.

And I have been wondering to myself, "how are these reporters going to 'frame' what is happening down here? " "How is the government - local, state and national - going to frame what is happening here to the reporters?"

I mused on:

Will it be the "French Quarter" frame?

Will it be the "Garden District" frame?

Will it be the "Swelling of the Suburbs " frame?

Will it be the "Government Mismanagement and Waste" frame?

Will it be the "Look at Us How We Are Fighting for - Helping the People" frame?

"Will there be," I ask myself, "a news corps that actually comes into the streets where the suffering is the greatest, to tell the story of how thousands continue to live in FEMA travel trailers, that monies to rebuild are not available, that poverty, mental illness, PTSD, and homelessness, continue to ravage communities?"

"Will there be a news corps that will articulate with care and compassion, how the chronic poverty in NOLA, the cases of crime, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic abuse, depression and other mental illnesses are related to PTSD (and also in many cases was a longstanding crisis before Katrina) and what the people who are trying to live and rebuild here have, and continue to endure?"

"Will there be a new corps that conveys with dignity and compassion the message that hopelessness, despair, and faith can walk hand in hand?"

"Have we," I ask myself, "evolved in these last 2 years - as a nation - to the point of deeply caring? Are we to the point in our evolution as a nation and as human beings that can manifest this caring into "acts" of real helping?" (Here, and in other areas of suffering on this planet?)

"Or will 'Post Katrina - The 2 Year Anniversary,' become news fill - with great graphics and a catchy tune in the background of the newscaster - filling in the gaps of a slow news stories month, rather than filling in the gaps of the truth and reality on the ground - 2 years later?"

Time will tell.

In Peace.

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