Saturday, June 16, 2007



Some positive forward movement for Mr. and Mrs. G this week. I asked Mr. G if he would entrust me advocating on his behalf and I was able to track down the FEMA numbers to get Mr. and Mrs. G some relief with the cock roach situation, the sewage, and the leaking propane.

Within 24 hours of my calling on their behalf, C. Martin sent out 2 really incredible men to take care of the problems with the trailer. Not only did they do their work with incredible efficiency, they were kind, careful and respectful of Mr. and Mrs. G. It was a wonderful experience for my weary heart to watch these men with them.

(Note: I bring up my advocating on this behalf as I would like to share a pattern with you that I am noticing occurs with the elderly. They can call government agencies many times and either forget (to call or follow up) or more often be forgotten. I am finding that if I call advocating on their behalf, with a prior authorization, and they are sitting next to me, that things related to government agencies seem to actually have some level of resolution.)

All the calls and advocating on their behalf with FEMA concerning their getting the right sized Handicapped trailer has failed. It seems their is nothing in the system about their original request for a special needs trailer. Neither is there anything in their records concerning the fact that 3 different contractors came out to the G's and had them sign 3 different contracts for delivery of a Handicapped FEMA trailer. One of these contractors had even asked for a copy of the deed to their home, which Mr. G, not knowing this was fraud, gave them. I told FEMA of this and nothing is being done to investigate the possibility of fraud. And they are no longer issuing FEMA trailers and will not send a special needs trailer to the G's. FEMA's logic - they are not in the system so we are not issuing any "new" trailer requests.

With a heavy heart I had to tell Mr. G this yesterday. That this door was permanently closed.

And guess what happened??? The ole proverbial when one door is closed another will open...

A C. Martin contractor who works on the maintenance of the FEMA trailers, found out that the floor was rotted out in the travel trailer they are living in and that Mr. and Mrs. G could fall through the flooring at any time. This situation is made even more dangerous as their trailer is raised up on bricks (see previous photo). I was not there when all this occurred, and got it second hand from Mr. G, so I will need to follow the situation closely and make sure it is resolved. If it is the same contractor who came out about the sewage problems, I have no worries as he seemed to be a man of great compassion and integrity.


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