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A Posting I found on Craigs List Katrina Forum that I would like to share with you:

...K - dear.... < ReliefSpark > 06/08 06:53:16

You and I both know that there are soooo many families that need the help and will for a very long time.

Readers of this forum: you all need to keep in mind that not only did homes flood, schools, churches, businesses, parks - you name it - did as well.

Insurance companies wouldn't pay out. Some did, some folded. My friend owns a restaurant that had "interruption insurance" and while they were looted my friend had to contact an attorney to FORCE the insurance company to pay.

Not everyone received insurance checks - even if they had flood insurance.

And on top of that - those who get on this board and "slam" posters asking for help by stating "it was 2 years ago, get over it already - well, all I have to say to that is this: THEY WOULD GET OVER IT IF ONLY THE INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THE ROAD HOME GRANT PROGRAM WOULD PAY OUT!

I pray this never happens anywhere else in this country. Ever. It is a total nightmare for families and it falls into the hands of the non-profits and long-term volunteers to mentally and emotionally support many famiy members who are headed straight for a nervous breakdown (if not already there).

TWO YEARS folks! TWO Y-E-A-R-S! And many of our families are paying a mortgage on a house that A) no longer exsists or B) was destroyed as well as rent someplace else. Not everyone lives in a trailer!

So, get this:

over 136,000 applicants

only 24,000 have received "award letters"

interesting to note that an award letter is NOT the same as an award check

The state has closed the program meaning that NO ONE ELSE can apply for a grant....and the most "interesting" thing of all:

The program has run out of money!

So, Gov. Blanco takes $300M of state money to cover the estimated $2.9 BILLION DOLLAR windfall. That helps a bit.

BUT - many families that we work with HAVE NOT RECEIVED A DIME!

So....if someone, anyone in my opinion wants to get on this message board and upload stress about the program, rebuilding, their gutted house, their job - anything to do with their livelihood - I say: "let them come forth and have at it!"

Most non-profits are ready for a long-term recovery with families. You all should be thankful for that!

To find out more about Relief Spark visit their site:

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