Saturday, June 30, 2007



In a moment, everything you knew as your "life" is over.

There are those of your planetary brothers and sisters who are constitutionally capable of facing this level of devastation and tribulation with fortitude and strength. Many of them have come back to the most stricken areas - such as New Orleans, where the levees broke - and are slowly but surely, rebuilding their lives and their homes.

There are others of your planetary brothers and sisters, who will say "That's it. We are going to start over somewhere else and begin again."

Then there are those of your planetary brothers and sisters who, before this 'moment' in their lives came about, were just hanging on - hanging in there. Some were elderly, disabled mentally or physically, or they were living in poverty, for some they were the 'working poor', their lives spent living in "quiet desperation", or in valiant struggle to give their children and grandchildren a better life.

And in a moment - life as they understood it - ended.

Every "thing" that had emotional content, that helped to form identity, that gave meaning and memory to 'life', was over. Gone. Destroyed.

None of us knows how we will react when faced with this level of suffering. If I may, this is why I believe that great efforts towards" judgement free compassion" with discernment, must be made on our planetary brothers and sisters behalf.

The house in the photo below, has not even been "gutted". We are coming up to the 2nd year anniversary of the flooding of the 9th Ward and there are still people who cannot afford, or who cannot emotionally or psychologically "bear" to face the wreckage of their lives as they once understood them, and their homes lie ungutted - a danger to them and the community.

Help is still very much needed in New Orleans, the 9th Ward (Upper and Lower) New Orleans East, St. Bernard Parish, the coastal parish's, the gulf coast, Mississippi...

Your help is needed.

Consider finding a volunteer organization and spending a week of your 'life' giving to those who through no fault of their own, have lost everything that gave their lives meaning.

If you can't come and physically help out, send money! Consider sending a donation to one of the various organizations who are on the ground helping in meaningful ways to rebuild and sustain those who are suffering.

If you can't do either, then hold the suffering of your planetary brothers and sisters in your hearts and remember them. If you pray, pray for them. If you practice mindful meditation, keep them in your minds throughout your day.


Post Script: This poster is not affiliated with any non-profit or government agency. This posting was written to advocate on behalf of those still suffering from the damages of Katrina/Rita and the breaking of the levees in New Orleans. Some - not all, local volunteer opportunities web site links and donation web site links are located at the top right hand side of this blog page.

Your organization not listed? Please contact me at and let me know.

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