Thursday, May 3, 2007


If I may to all potential volunteers:

May I present an excellent example of breaching volunteer etiquette whether volunteering in a disaster relief situation in New Orleans or anywhere else in the world:

When delivering supplies to a building site, do not suddenly stop on a two way street in the middle of the street without putting on your flashers to warn the cars behind you. Do not suddenly stop in the middle of a 2 way street and just sit there. Do not speak rudely to the people who live or are driving through the neighborhood who need to pass and get to work, or their kids to school, etc.

Most of all, when someone gets out of their car to ask you why you did not put on your flashers and why are you blocking the street so that others cannot drive by, please be aware that your sense of self importance might be on overdrive if your response is "that is what brake lights are for" and then proceed to ignore those who cannot get by you.

This is poor volunteer etiquette...

In Peace.

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