Saturday, May 5, 2007


Hello dear readers.

I am sorry my postings have been so limited of late.

I have longed to write, to share with you the sufferings and tribulations of those I have been encountering. But alas, a week of sickness on my part and then being involved from the first day back in the lives of those I care for in events that have included robberies, homelessness and despair, and driving through a storm that produced flooding (and a busted tire), have kept me from coming to the library and sharing with you via cyberspace what has been happening to those I meet in the New Orleans area.

My sharing on this blog, I believe in my heart, helps me to hold those I help "with you" - those of you who read this blog with compassionate hearts. And in turn, when I write on this blog of what is occurring in their lives, I feel as if I am able to clear a space within myself - my heart - so that I may go out again, strong and clear, to serve whomever it brought to me in need.

Today, I am not sure how much time I have to write. Mrs G. whom I am wr
iting about, was robbed again last night. This is the second time in this last week. She is a 74 year old widow living alone in a FEMA trailer on a street of 90% abandoned shells of homes. She is strong, but so is the darkness in the hearts of those who seek to prey upon her. We had plans today for me to take her to a Baptist Ministry Outreach Program I found that may be able to help her in garnering resources to rebuild her home. She lives in the 9th Ward. Now whilst she awaits the police to come and take prints and fill out a report, I am here at the library writing for as long as I can.

Prayers for the suffering.

In Peace.

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