Monday, May 21, 2007


How difficult it has been for my heart, as circumstances have created an inability to write for a week at least...

Writing on this blog helps me to process and share with you, dear readers, the suffering I encounter. I feel as if a circle of love is created - beginning with my meeting those souls that seem to call out to me, even though my mind isn't even aware of why I might be in a certain situation; then with my finding out about the suffering the individual is encountering. The next step in this process organically evolves, at times it may involve my asking for guidance, most times there is no need, for guidance is given to my heart almost immediately and it is only for my mind to interpret what is being asked for and how I am to serve in the situation - or in some cases not to serve. If "doing" is called for, I might be spending days running people to social services, helping them to get their medications and get to their doctors appointments. I can be found filling up the station wagon with belongings for those who need to move or bringing someone who is homeless a packet of tobacco. More often than not lately, I can be found writing e-mails, making phone calls, listening and helping to process, or even meeting wonderful people like Sarah and Stu, who are with Plenty International, who are helping some of the elderly I meet with funds and volunteers to help them rebuild.

The last part of the circle - the part that links the beginning with the end, is the writing of this blog and the sharing "with" you, dear readers, what is happening here.

For me, when I write and you read, I believe a connection occurs between all of us. This connection might be a heart connection, a consciousness connection or for some, a prayer or meditative oriented connection.

It is this connection, which can, "in time", if we choose - bring about the cessation of the separation between each other, at whatever level we are able to participate. Most of all, I believe it can bring about the "new history whose pages are beginning to be written".

In Peace.

On Suffering and Compassion:

"The experience of woundedness has been a part of the history of souls on earth. The experience of wholeness is the 'new' history, whose pages are beginning to be written

Julie Redstone

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