Monday, May 21, 2007


It was a difficult moral and ethical decision for me to take this picture of my suffering brother. In the end, it was the powerful intuition and messages from my heart - my soul - which led me to turn my car around and do what I was being guided to do. Take this picture of my brothers suffering.

You see, I felt as if, and I was, invading his privacy. If you have noticed, except for in billboards, the pictures I share with you do not have people in them. Partly this is because there is a haunting emptiness in the abandoned houses and deserted streets that seems to be a part of what I am documenting. Partly, because the suffering of those I meet is so intense, that my heart strives to do whatever I can to help them maintain their dignity - and somehow for me, showing pictures of people suffering, seems (I don't know, I don't have the words - it is a feeling within me) that says, and I know this is a 'judgement' type of word - but it feels somehow "wrong". And so far in my work on this blog, it has not been necessary.

When I saw my brother sleeping Sunday morning,with the blanket over his head, I knew that I could share his suffering and help him to maintain his anonymity and dignity.

His suffering is like the suffering of millions of our brothers and sisters on this planet. Look at his feet, they are wrapped in linen, our brother has no shoes. Then there is the beer can beside him, his 'escape' from his reality - perhaps it has played some role in his 'reality'. Then there is his blanket - the only protection he has from our eyes, the sun, from the cars speeding by him, - from the inhumanity of our indifference to his poverty and suffering.

Prayers for the suffering...

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