Thursday, April 26, 2007


"By far, the one issue that dominates the recovery effort is housing —that is, the lack of it. In all of the hard-hit areas — even those whose economies seem to be mending — the problem of affordable housing continues to defy resolution. "

"Many efforts now under way are the result of nonprofit and volunteer groups, andsome developers willing to take a risk."

"But what is under construction or in the planning stages now is not nearly
enough to meet the demand."

"Thousands remain in FEMA trailers, while thousands more are on the streets or in other cities and states. "

As numerous scholars, economists, and recovery experts have pointed out:
"Without adequate housing, workers and their families cannot return. "

"Without workers, businesses cannot reopen in any great number."

"Without the businesses and their employees, these communities will continue to struggle financially and will remain dependent on the largesse of the state and federal governments to keep running."

Gulf Gov Reports: A Year and a Half after Katrina and Rita - April 19.2007

U.S. Government Created the Rise in Homelessness

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