Monday, April 23, 2007

SUNDAY APRIL 22 -2007 (Middle of the day)

It was Sunday afternoon and I had just finished a short volunteering project and was driving through various areas of the city wondering if the sun was gong to come out for long enough periods of time to take pictures during the day.

Since it did not seem like this was going to happen during the middle part of the day, it was more overcast than not - I decided to go back to N/S Claiborne Avenue to photograph under the 1-10 East highway where the light from the sun wasn't as important to get good photo's.

Now when I went to take the other photo's see article below called A CULTURE OF "COMMUNITY" 4/20/2007, it was during the week and there were a few cars parked there, mostly empty, and a few people working on their cars or just hanging out talking with each other.

Nothing like what I experienced and saw yesterday as I walked through. Hundreds of people and cars lined up under the 1-10 East Highway. With the highway traffic roaring and rumbling above, the people below laughed, talked animatedly, danced, and listened to music playing from their cars. A big b.b.q. pit had been set up on the South Claiborne side (?) I get them mixed up, and the police had blocked off parts of the street to traffic, a crowd had gathered around but I did not walk over to see what they were all watching, as the awesome street art had captured my heart and attention on this day.

The energy as I walked along was electric. There was so much laughing and talking going on. A group of people I passed by were just joyously dancing to music they had playing from their vehicles. There were great smiles of joy on their faces as each one danced. I couldn't help myself from smiling as I walked along and photographed the different posts.
For the most part, no one spoke with me or made much eye contact, those who did, I perceived, seemed a little suspicious of me and of what I was doing. It occurred to me that a few of them might be thinking, "is this someone else (perhaps another Caucasian) taking a part of our creations - our art - our heritage who might be using it to make a profit for herself?" Others, I could tell just knew I wasn't a part of this Sunday gathering and was some type of lone tourist and unusual in my experiences so far in New Orleans, didn't make any undue effort to greet me or make eye contact with me. A few young men I passed as I walked along in the more isolateded areas eyed up my camera. I usually discreetly carry it in my hand close to my body not around my neck! So they certainly weren't "checkin me out"... The camera a gracious gift to use whilst I am here, is not a digital and not very prepossessing - but takes great pic's!

Either way, as I was perceiving all of these things in my very empathic consciousness, I felt overwhelmingly in my body and my heart, the absolute joy of "community" in those gathered together and was glad to have the experience - even as a passing tourist.

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