Monday, April 23, 2007

SUNDAY April 22 - 2007 (Later in the day)

I was driving down the street on the way to the Lafitte Housing Projects (story and pic's will be up shortly), and as I came to an intersection I believe it was by North Galvez Street, I saw 2 elderly men trying to cross the street. And I did what I usually will do, caution the person behind me if there is some one behind me, by hand signals, that I am going to stop and let the people cross the street. They were half way across the intersection and by stopping to let them cross, the light turned red. I had made eye contact with them before it turned red and waved them across the street indicating that I was going to wait for them to cross before driving through the intersection.

They both came over to my window and as I was on the phone (talking on a headset), I excused myself from the phone conversation and rolled down my window. The first man asked me "Miss do you have any work for us to do?" His eyes were a beautiful brown with a slight blue halo around his iris's, there was both kindness and pain in his eyes. It was so hard to say no to this man. "No", I said " I'm sorry I do not have work for you." "But what I can do is keep you in my prayers and hope that work may come to you." He then reached into the car window to shake my hand and said "God bless you." And then his friend reached in and shook my hand and blessed me too. And the funny thing was, I felt blessed by just interacting with them. By being "seen" by them.

And I tell you their story on this Monday, so that you might, through my telling of my meeting them, send to them in your own ways - in a thought, a mantra, a prayer, or a minute of meditation - your love and blessings in their ability to find work.

(A Post Script to this story - there are those here on the streets who will try to "scam" you out of a few dollars. These men did not ask me for a penny, only if I could give them work to do. Both were in their late 60's, with straight, strong backs and grace in presence.)

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