Friday, April 20, 2007


Out of all the support posts painted under 1-10 East on Claiborne Avenue (yes! I will be showcasing others), this one touches my heart the most.

This expressive art work represents to my heart the experiences I have had in the various neighborhoods I have visited. The times when I have gotten out of the car and walked around taking pictures - even when I sit in the car! More often than not, I am "waved to", "smiled at", "said hello to", "asked how I am", "asked what I am doing" - people come out of the doors and introduce themselves and talk "with" me... People wave to me from their cars, from their porches, and the street as I drive by - and I have learned to drive slower so that I have enough time to make eye contact and enough time to respond to their greetings.

As a direct result of this awesome culture of "community", I now feel more relaxed doing the same, often now driving down the street and instead of waiting to be greeted - I am initiating greetings!

If you ever come down to New Orleans and want to have this awesome experience, I must let you in on a secret...

This phenomenon - this culture of "community" does not occur in Metairie (with one exception - the Jefferson Parish Library), The Garden District, CBD or in Lake Oaks. If it happens in the French Quarter, which I have only been to twice, it may be the person you met was drunk...


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