Thursday, March 22, 2007


“Here I am”,
my heart wide open,
ready to pour forth my love
and to help you in anyway that I can.

“Here I am”,
open to all, and in my naiveté,
unable to discern truth,
unable to discern the “well intentioned”
from the misleading help.

“Here I am”,
my heart open, loving you,
wanting to help and in my well intentionedness,
I have inadvertently hurt you.

“Here I am”,
witnessing your pain,
becoming aware that my well-intentioned, loving heart,
has unwittingly become complicit with ignorance
and I have falsely raised your hopes
and the outcome of my ignorance has hurt you.

“Here I am”,
after a time of reflection and contemplation,
“awakening” to the realization
that my well intentioned, open heartedness,
always seemed to begin with “here I am”
not with “here you are”.

Will you forgive me?
Will you be able to trust me again,
will you be able to trust that I have learned my lesson
and allow me to be “with you”.
Peace and love.

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