Friday, March 2, 2007


It's a little efficiency, more than enough room for someone who has been living in a Eurovan for years! Hardwood floors, an eccentric bathroom, in an old New Orleans Victorian. Its shabby chic. I gives thanks and praises for this gift of 'home".

The only downside is the constant "noise" from the traffic on the street. It is hard on my nervous system as there is always activity on the road outside of my window and room. And even though whenever I am in the room, I keep in earplugs, I am still aware of the noise from cars and trucks. I miss the quiet of the New England woods... But not all those trees !!!

Note: (3/16/2007) A dear friend of mine pointed out how ironic it was that I who have been homeless has a 'home' for the time being because I came to help if I can, those who lost their homes.

My love and gratefulness to my spiritual sister "C" who is making it financially possible by supporting the rent, food and gas, so that I can volunteer and help as needed.

To my heart, she is the "archetype of the healing" to the story of the rich man who went to the Master and asked Him how to enter the Kingdom of God. The Master shared "to give away what you have, only then can you enter". This precious woman gives so that I might help those who are suffering. I am awed by her generosity and kindness and without her, my suffering would be so much greater than it has been through the years.

Blessings to my sweet blessed sister "C".

Peace and love.

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